Adventure Daycare

The official Adamant Ditto comic, developed by Don with help from the others, it follows the adventures of Putty the Ditto and his best buddy, a shiny Marill named Tennis Ball who you may remember from a few other comics. They go on crazy adventures and meet crazy characters all within the confines of a daycare center. It's still pretty early in development, so there's not much here but don't worry, it's coming.

The Scrambled Channel

The Scrambled Channel is your typical gamers on a couch type comic, which means it's your typical slice of awful. Action takes place mainly in Meta's apartment, and the cast of characters is so big and full of pointless cameos that even the stick you can't shake at all of the cast members is a cast member. Seriously. The newer issues sporting slick new sprites and a distilled cast should hopefully be funnier and have a stronger sense of character - which should be easy, since the first hundred or so issues have set the bar pretty low!

Friendly Fire

Matt's old, retired webcomic, Friendly Fire, was a spin-off of Ricky's The Scrambled Channel about Teeks and his roommates. Most of the humor involved video game references, mostly Nintendo and sometimes in-jokes very few people would actually get. It ranges from not funny to mildly amusing. ENJOY!


Josh's Pokémon Sprites

Josh’s Pokémon Project (Also known as “Pokémon: Endless Adventure” is his longest lasting project. It started way back in 2006, just before Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were JAPAN! It originally started out as a one-time sheet for the Spriter’s Resource, but then it evolved (lol) into a Pokémon Sidescroller, and finally revised into the 2D Pokémon Battle Sheets you see today. The Project still continues today and currently has over 300 sheets, and it’s getting better as he continues. Enjoy!