Monday, February 18, 2013

VGM of the Week #68

Can I just say how much I love Fire Emblem: Awakening?

It's fucking amazing.



Also, There is an Adamant Ditto Review of Fire Emblem all but posted on the blog, but for those of you that do still read the blog, know that we've got some renovations planned and that review is being held onto until that's done first. As far as I'm aware.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pokémon Sheet Remake: Togekiss

This would have been done yesterday, if I wasn't so obsessive with the animations

Togekiss is one of those Pokémon that you almost have to love when you first see it...It's just so cute, and it fits so well with the rest of the line. While it may look harmless, this guy could be one of the most annoying Pokémon to deal with, especially if it's got Thunder Wave, Air Slash and Serene Grace, which can cripple a lot of things...I'll admit, when I first heard they were giving Togetic an evolution, I was skeptical, but I was so happy to see what they did with Togekiss that it all went away the moment I saw it

Magnezone's up for remake next!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pokémon Sheet Remake: Togetic

Geez, almost a full day without a sheet! How Terrible!

I've loved the Togepi line since I first saw it hatch in the Anime all those years ago...Togetic's really cool, although he was never a viable option competitively, he's always been a favorite. They totally made him viable when he evolves, and they made him even cooler, what with Togekiss being one of my favorite Pokémon...Speaking of...

Togekiss is up for a remake next!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pokémon Sheet Remake: Omanyte

Geez, I'm on Fire! BOOM Shaka-laka!

Omanyte and Omastar are really cool Fossil Pokémon...Omastar's got the heart of a dancer, and Omanyte's the smaller, cuter version of him...Only, you know, he doesn't dance

Togetic's getting redone next!

Pokémon Sheet Remake: Electrode

I'm on a roll!

I've always loved Electrode for his Eyebrows and his Grin...In other words, I like Electrode for everything that makes him more than an oversized, upside down Pokéball

Omanyte's getting the remake treatment next!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pokémon Sheet Remake: Voltorb

So, last time, I said that would be the last remake before Valentine's Day...I was wrong...In fact, I finished Voltorb on the SAME DAY I said that...So, without any further ado, here's Voltorb

Voltorb's cool and lame at the same time...He's a living Pokéball, and that's cool, but he's just an Orb, and that's lame...Don't get me wrong, I love both Voltorb and Electrode, but...They're just circles...

I'm re-doing Electrode next!

Pokémon Sheet Remake: Blastoise

This will probably be the last sheet before Valentine's Day, so have the most loving present of all: Two Water Cannons...TO THE FACE!

Blastoise is one of the most awesome final forms of any of the Starters...If it wasn't for Charizard, Blastoise would be my favorite final form starter. With good Defenses and not-too-shabby Attack & Special Attack stats, he's an excellent choice!

Voltorb's up next!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

VGM of the Week #67

Guess it's back to me for this thing and well, Valentine's Day is coming up, so let's do a song that reminds me of love and tenderness.

When it comes to "love" themed video game tunes, there's a few that come to mind. "The Theme of Love" from Metal Gear Solid 4 or "Because I Love You" from Earthbond are both excellent choices (with one being much more about love than the other) but I ultimately decided to go with the acoustic version of "The Legendary Theme" from Gitaroo Man.

Now, I've never played Gitaroo Man but I have seen footage and I do have the whole soundtrack on my computer and while it's a very strange game and most of the tracks are ripping rock anthems, this track is very mellow and very sweet. There might not be any lyrics but it's one of the few video game tracks I can think of that instantly brings images of slow dancing with a loved one or just holding someone's hand to mind. It probably helps that in the game, this song happens when the main character is just sitting by a fire with his girl.

It's a very sweet song that manages to fill me with all kinds of loving emotions with just a single instrument. It's a great track to listen to on Valentine's Day with your special someone and it's my choice for VGM of the Week.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nintendo Announces ZombiU Deluxe Bundle

If you're still getting your gaming news from us, shame on you. However, this just happened and I felt like sharing the news and my thoughts.

Pokémon Sheet Remake: Snorlax

I know it's been a while, but it's because I spent a lot of time on this sheet!

I've always loved Snorlax...I don't know what it is about him, but he was always a staple of my team, ever since Blue Version...He's just such a good Pokémon, causing quite a few triple kills in Brawl, taking many hits in the Pokémon games, and dealing them out just as well! Assuming they're Physical Attacks, of course!

Blastoise is getting the remake treatment next!

Monday, February 4, 2013

VGM of the Week #66

Yeah, yeah. This one is from Final Fantasy X and is called Silence Before the Storm. It's beautiful.