Let's Podcast

A favorite of ours here at Adamant Ditto. The Let's Podcast is when we all get together to discuss and debate a subject at hand, normally a major announcement or conference like E3 but sometimes something a little more direct like Toy Story 3 or The Legend of Zelda Timeline. This all happens while we play a game for you to watch while you listen to us geek out.

Top Picks

We make a lot of lists here at Adamant Ditto and occasionally we like to record them. We do lists about plenty of things like our favorite Street Fighter characters or our favorite DS games. Though it always seems like our Pokémon lists are the ones people want to see. Either way, you can check out all our list videos here.

Pokémon Battles

This here folks, is the section that started it all. We love us some Pokémon and back when Heart Gold and Soul Silver were the newest entires, we had a lot of battles. So one day we decided to record them, start a Youtube channel and the rest is history. We don't play much anymore because of Black and White's online rules but we still do a Netbattle from time to time. It's a piece of Adamant Ditto history.

Quirky Ditto

Our Quirky Ditto section is for videos that just don't fit anywhere else. Normally it's us doing something silly like making fun of old Pokémon sprites or us just playing a game for fun with no intentions of actually doing a Let's Play of it. Regardless, if it doesn't belong and we recorded it, you can find it here.

Mario Kart Madness

Our live stream event where we play Mario Kart Wii with the audience, Mario Kart Madness was so fun and successful, it gets it's own section. The quality is a little lacking because it's ripped right from a stream, but the laughs are plenty and the item wreckage is off the charts. So take a look and stop on by sometime, we might be doing more in the future.