Thursday, November 29, 2012

1,000th Video Special - Wily & Light's Rockboard: That's Paradise

Our 1,000th video is finally here and we're ending an era with this one. One of our longest running in-jokes is finally coming to a close as we actually play Wily and Light's Rockboard: That's Paradise. It's been a long time coming so we dedicate this to all of the fans out there who actually get it. We know some of you will be disappointed but some of you, well, you're welcome.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nintendo Reveals the Wii Mini for Canada

Hey, do you remember the Game Boy Micro? The new version of the Game Boy Advance released after the DS was already released and was a massive failure? Well, apparently Nintendo doesn't.

Should have been Mini Wii. Also, what?
What you're looking at is the Wii Mini, a miniature version of the the Wii being released in Canada next Tuesday, December 7th. It comes with a red Wii Remote and Nunchuck, cannot play Nintendo Gamecube games and isn't capable of going online, meaning even Virtual Console games are out of the question. Nintendo states that it's only going to be available through the holidays.

Now, if I may be so bold, wasn't a NEW Nintendo console just released all of 9 days ago? One that the average casual onlooker is likely to already confuse for the already existing Wii? If so, why would Nintendo ever go back to the original Wii and release a new model? Shouldn't they be focusing on getting people to buy their new hardware, not gimped versions of old hardware? I already mentioned that Nintendo pulled this same stunt before to no avail but I guess they feel confident enough in both the Wii U and the Wii Mini to still be able to pull in a profit from both this Christmas. Either it's going to overshadow the Wii U or it's going to become another oddity for collectors like the Micro or the NES-101. My guess is the latter.

Nintendo has yet to confirm if the Wii Mini will see release outside of Canada but I'd say it's a safe bet that it will at some point.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

VGM of the Week #56

It's another one of those back to back VGM of the Week posts!

This one is from the opening of Zone of the Enders. Zone of the Enders HD came out not too long ago but I personally didn't grab it because it was ported by an incompetent company that Konami hired because they don't give a fuck care about anything not Metal Gear Solid either. In fact, I actually immediately cancelled my preorder. I wasn't THAT hungry for the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo (which I got to play at a friend's house who did purchase ZOE:HDC and even thought it was awesome, it was incredibly short). The original PS2 games could barely run on their original hardware so I was hoping they'd be able to get 60 FPS on current hardware. Nope. The PS3 version runs like shit. It runs better on 360 which doesn't make any god damn sense to me. The game was originally on Sony hardware, how does it run even worse now? Yeah. Get out of here.

Anyway, this song is great. I really like The Zone of the Enders series. Most people just remember it as that game that comes with the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo but it was actually pretty good. I've heard the second one was better but I never got the chance to play it... WOULD'VE BEEN NICE IF I COULD ON PS3 IN AT LEAST 720p AND PROPER FRAME RATE. However, I have listened to the opening theme for the second game and I will say, it's not as good as this one.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

VGM of the Week #55

It's that time of the week again! Time for some awesome VGM goodness! This time, I'm picking a tune from Super Mario 64. I decided to go with Bowser's Road.

This tune has always pumped me up for the coming Battle with Bowser, as it sounds kind of like a Battle March.


From our Left 4 Dead playthrough for Halloween!

Top 10 DLC Characters I Want to See in PSASBR

Well, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (aka Pizzabeer to the Adamant Ditto crew) is coming out this upcoming Tuesday, and as you might know, I'm really excited for it. I think the developers has put a lot of love into the game and has made it different enough  from Smash for it to stand on its own gameplay wise. At launch, the character roster is honestly kind of butt but they recently announced two DLC characters, Kat and Emmet, so there's still a good chance that a character people are clamoring for can show up. So, here's 10 of my most wanted characters that I'd like to see playable in Pizzabeer.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review - Paper Mario: Sticker Star

I was very excited for Paper Mario: Sticker Star. But it seemed with every new detail and every new screenshot that found its way to me, I grew less and less excited. An RPG with no party members? An RPG with no experience points? I maintained faith that the fine folks at Intelligent Systems knew what they were doing, but... what were they doing? I couldn't fathom why they would bother to retain RPG elements at all if they were going to be so willing to discard the genre's most basic elements. It seemed to me that the latest and greatest Paper Mario adventure was shaping up to be quite an unfocused mess. I was worried. I wanted another Thousand-Year Door, not another Super Paper Mario.

Well, Paper Mario: Sticker Star is actually neither of those, but now that I've had my hands on it, I can wipe my brow and breathe a sigh of relief. As it turned out, Intelligent Systems knew exactly what they were doing: taking some of the most interesting and exciting risks I've seen the genre take in years.

VGM of the Week #54

Hey gang! Paper Mario: Sticker Star comes out today! Be sure to check out my review of it, but in the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite tunes form the game!

Not much to say about this one, it's just a catchy little ditty that I've caught myself humming all the time while playing through the game. I had trouble deciding between this or Decalburg's theme, but ultimately I went with this one. One thing that's very cool is that the song changes to match the theme of the world you're in.

At any rate, enjoy!

Review - Sonic Colors

Man, remember when I used to review Sonic games? Those were crazy times. HEY WHOA! What's this?! A new review? Of Sonic Colors?! A game so many people have asked me to review? Well boy, is it their lucky day!

Yeah, I reviewed Sonic Colors because I finally stopped being a lazy bum and finished it. It's a great game but hey, you don't need me to tell you that. You need me to tell you that in video form.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Pokémon Sheet: Forretress

Glad this short break didn't turn into a longer one!

I always found Forretress kind of odd...I always liked it, but I've always thought of it as a weird sort of Pokémon...But it's an awesome concept, a Bagworm with Cannons and a hard shell...A literal living Fortress...Think about it, that's...AWESOME!

Next up is a Pokémon who is supposedly hotter than the Surface of the sun.

Monday, November 5, 2012

VGM of the Week #53

I know, I know, it's late. I've had several 4am shifts in a row and I haven't gotten a chance to hit my computer until just now. So I literally opened up my favorites on Youtube and picked the first one O haven't shared already. I think. I hope.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Pokémon Sheet: Cofagrigus

So, lemme tell you a little story...Every October, I only do Dark & Ghost types, for Halloween. This year, because I've been a little lax, I only had a few, late in the month (As you've all seen over the past few weeks). I got all the way to my last planned sheet for the month! But, alas, Hurricane Sandy decided to be a bitch & hit me with her best shot...Ironically, I didn't lose power, but the fear of losing power kept me away from the Computer through most of the storm...Which is why you're seeing the Pokémon I had scheduled for Halloween on November 1st...

Anyway, I love Cofagrigus! He's got to be one of my new Favorite Pokémon, and I mean one of my favorites! Not just one out of the newest batch! That's saying a lot, considering there's 650-I mean 649 Pokémon. The only thing that ever bugged me about him was his name...And I'm pretty much used to that now!

Next up is the only Bug/Steel type Pokémon who learns Rapid Spin through Level Up