Thursday, December 15, 2011

Custom Pushmo/Pullblox Puzzles

As you know if you've read our review of Pushmo, the 3DS puzzler gives you the ability to create and download custom puzzles. Included after the break are all the puzzles that I've created! Downloading these puzzles is as simple as pointing the 3DS camera at your computer screen, but to play them, you'll need to unlock the expanded level editor by completing the first 109 puzzles in the main game.

Shoulda been called WARIO-MO!
He's the mayor of Pushmo Park!
The puzzle as cool and blue as me!
It has the same wavelength and properties, but is less powerful than the real puzzle.
Unlike Sonic, I don't puzzle.
It IS Top Spin!
Peaceful days ahead with this puzzle.
This one will take you to far away times.
Best solved at the bottom of the night.
Doesn't this puzzle give you memories of green?
People without hope will have a hard time beating this one.
This puzzle's a real mystery of the past, all right.
It'll take a world revolution to beat this puzzle!
I can think of a few choice words for this puzzle!
Ebisumaru for Brawl.
No, the other Sasuke. The cool one.
Yae gets major points for having green hair.

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