Saturday, December 24, 2011

LTTA: Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Happy Holidays, folks. Sorry we've been kind of slow lately. It's the holiday season, everybody's busy with their families or shopping or working, not a lot of time to post stuff. Plus, the video game world has been kind of slow recently. So, sorry about that. We probably won't post anything tomorrow except Kyle does still plan to post the VGM of the Week so look forward to that.

For now though, I have begun finally uploading our Astro Boy: Omega Factor Let's Play. This is an interesting one because on one side, Ricky is very informative about the history of Astro Boy and all that stuff. On the other side, we can get rather boring and the technical aspects are kind of garbage, mostly the audio. Sorry about that. Regardless, the first four videos are up. You can find the first below and then a link to the playlist below that.

And again, Happy Holidays!


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