Thursday, January 5, 2012

And now for something completely unrelated to video games in any way: Project Runway

Alrighty, so I'm going to come clean with this: I watch Project Runway. Yes, that competitive reality show with fashion designers. You can try to take away my man-card all you want with this, but honestly it's a well-delivered, well-presented show that keeps you tuning in week after week to see what the designers have to offer. Also, drama, because it is after all a reality show. I know you're going to take my word for it, but you would see what I mean if you started, especially if you wind up on one of their "unconventional challenges."

Anyhow, I've decided to join the plethora of Project Runway blogs now since, well, I'm on a blog. During the last season, while discussing it with the family, the only people who know I've been watching it up until now, they said I had some good insight on what was happening. Afterwards, when they were reading other blogs, points I brought up before were there, which gave my thoughts some credibility. So here we are with another season upon us (already) and I've decided to fully defile they other guys' otherwise beautiful web page with talk of fashion. While I'm at it, my favorite episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic does happen to be Suited for Success, so there.
This season actually snuck up on me, and I meant to do a pre-season blog about my expectations about a week in advance, but that won't happen since the season began tonight and I'm actually writing this as the episode is ending. Don't worry, I recored it and can watch it later. So I'll start that blog right about now and do the one for tonight's episode a bit later. The guys are gonna hate me for this.

Here we are in what is Season 10 of Project Runway, dubbed: Project Runway All-Stars since, instead of having a fresh batch of designers, we have a collection of returning designers back for another chance at winning the big prize. I'm expecting big things right out of the gate since everyone here has experience in the grueling life of a reality competition, also fashion. Right away I'll call out my frontrunners as Mondo Guerra and Michael Costello from Season 8 (Both of whose aesthetic {and personality] I liked more so than the actual winner of that season) and Anthony Williams of Season 7 (who was not the best designer that year, but had some great win when it counted). I'm totally expecting to be surprised, though, since we have contestants from Seasons 1 and 2 which I know hardly anything about.

Truly, my expectations are set for the producers. Ever since the series shifted to Lifetime, there has been a noticeable difference in what happens behind the scenes. I am not the first to accuse the previous two winners of an undeserved title. Season 8's Gretchen had talent, I'm not denying it, but Mondo's final collection was miles ahead of hers. As for Season 9, well, if I see the producers' putting in as much effort to affect the outcome as I did in Season 9, this first season will also be the last season I blog about, since I'll drop it like I dropped every other good show that rotted away. Project Runway Season 9 was a travesty unto the the show's integrity. There was just so much that happened that clearly guided Anya to her victory that it is difficult to enjoy anything about that season. It's hard to enjoy my chocolate chip cookies if I know someone else has been grabbing all around in the cookie jar with their grubby little hands.

So that's just my two bits. I look forward to this season; and I hope that if you made it this paragraph, you'll spread my blog around to people that actually do watch the show. Maybe they'll like it. Maybe they'll like Matt's or Rick's blogs more. We welcome new viewers all the time. No, I'm not adding this because I'm pandering to Matt. I hate concluding paragraphs.

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