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Things I Would Like to see Happen with Pokémon Grey

I’m thinking about making “Things I Would Like to see Happen with...” a thing, as I tend to think (or in most cases over think) about these types of things...I already did this with the “Next Iteration of the 3DS,” and I think it was well received...Anyway, onto what this Blog Post is all about: Pokémon Grey!

The Story:
One of the best things about Pokémon Black & White was the Story, as always, the third version will tweak it...I’d like to see more about the Sages you have to find after beating the main story in Black & White. In Black & White, you find them and they immediately get arrested, only giving you a little tidbit about Team Plasma, but I think they could go a little further in Grey, making them Trainers who you Battle before Looker takes them away...In Black & White, they didn’t even put up a fight, they just hid and stood in one place...I could see them also doing something more with N after he flies away on Reshiram/Zekrom.

I could also see them doing more with the Shadow Triad, another thing in Black & White that was never really elaborated on, mostly because you couldn’t battle them, and they only showed up a few select times...and even then, they only dragged you to N or Ghetsis...They don’t try to hinder you at all, and yet they’re supposed to be Team Plasma’s most faithful members!

Aside from that, they’ll probably try to combine Black & White’s unique features. For example, instead of Black City & White Forest, I would expect the place that replaces either of them to be called “Grey Village,” which will basically be both Black City and white Forest combined (a Shop for Rare Items, and Tall Grass to Catch Wild Pokémon)

N will probably have both Reshiram & Zerkrom, and you’ll probably have to get Kyurem...Which brings us to our next Topic:

The Cover Pokémon
I’m assuming that it will probably be Kyurem, all signs are pointing to him being Grey’s Poster Child...I think that they’ll give him a new form (maybe call it the “Complete Form”), and create a new Item for him to hold to change into said form...Maybe expand on his area, make his story more important...Basically everything they did with Giratina in Platinum...I could also see them tossing in a few mini-games, as they did in Platinum’s Wi-Fi Plaza...Maybe evem something like the Pokéathalon, or the Battle Frontier will appear as well...There’s not much more to say here, I didn’t think this would be a long point anyway...Moving on.

What Handheld it would be on
I would, Ideally want it to be on the 3DS, as there’s no reason for it not to be...The 3DS is already a year old (as is Black & White, in North America, at least. The games are a little older in Japan). I think it would run smoother, and have less lag if they decide to go with the same engine, and continue to use the moving Sprites (I’m not the only one who noticed the occasional Lag in the Black & White in-game Battles, Right?)

 Since the 3DS can still connect to the DS, I could see a Transfer feature, similar to what Black & White had with the 4th Gen games, and you would probably still be able to battle a Black and White Cartridge...Maybe not over Wi-Fi, but even that is possible with the 3DS.

The Scenery would benefit from the move to the 3DS, which would make it an overall prettier game, something that, even on the DS, it didn’t need much help with!

I also think If they wanted to use Models instead of Sprites, they’re already able to...Just look at Pokédex 3D, which looks amazing! Some minor Touch-ups to the Battle Revolution Models here and there, and they’re ready to go!

(Just a side note, but if they had everything as Models, there would be a good chance that Trainers would be Customizable...Probably to a greater extent than in Battle Revolution (As I would assume you would only have two Bases (Male and Female) to go off of instead of the 6 in Battle Revolution [Male, Female, Young Girl, Muscle Man, Cool Guy, & Cool Girl))

 You were all probably waiting for this...I’m not going to complain too much, we have a Podcast dedicated to, as my friend Ricky would put it, “that exactly thing”...Instead, I’ll just offer what I would do when presented with this conundrum...I would...

Have different sets of pre-existing rules, which would consist of:

  • Battle Tower – Level 50 – The Current ‘Level 50’ Rules (One of Each Item, can only bring 3 Pokémon to a Singles Battle)...The only difference being everything (Above or Below Level 50) will be brought up/down to Level 50 Battle Tower – Level 100 – The same as above, only everything’s Level 100 instead of Level 50
  • No Restrictions – Everything is as it would be, Levels remain the same, you can have Multiple of Every Items, etc...
  • No Restrictions – Level 50 – The Classic Level 50 Rules from the Fourth Generation of Pokémon games
  • No Restrictions – Level 100 – The Classic Level 100 Rules from the Fourth Generation of Pokémon games

I also think it would benefit from a Community System, much like Mario Kart 7...Under this you could create your own Rules and Restrictions for you and your friends to join! Along with naming the Community and picking one of many Icons, I would have it so you would be able to set:

  • What Attacks are Banned (You can choose from all of the Attacks, so if you wanted to set Stealth Rock to off, you can without affecting other entry hazards, like Spikes)
  • What Pokémon are allowed (No Legendaries? No Problem!)
  • If you can have Multiple Items (Anyone want 6 Lefteovers? Then Don’t set this rule!)
  • If you can have Multiple of the same Pokémon (Anyone want 6 Magikarp? Then don’t set this rule!)
  • Clauses (i.e. Sleep Clause – Two or more Pokemon cannot be put to sleep at one time)
  • What Type of Battles the Community will take place in (Singles, Doubles, Triples, Rotation, or any combination of the 4)
  • Whether or not the Wonder Launcher will be used (Because...Well, they added this option in Black & White)
  • Entry Pokemon (1-6, I’d always have it set to 6, just because that’s how I Rollout)
  • Whether or not you can see the opponent’s team before the battle (Why Ruin Surprises? Turn this baby on!)

I got a few of these from Battle Revolution’s Rule customization, so I’d like to see at least those settings appear.

As you can probably tell, I put some thought into this. I’m half-expecting an announcement for the next ‘main’ game (Grey, or the Ruby/Sapphire remakes, not Gen 6, that’s, at the very least, another 2 years off...for Japan) sometime in April (Just going off of Past Trends that I noticed). I could be wrong, but I might not be, which is kind of what I’m shooting for...

Most of this is what’s expected to happen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of this happened (Obviously, the Cover Pokémon and the Story would be changed, as no third version has had the exact same story)...

I kind of doubt that it would be on the 3DS, but who knows, it’s surely possible, it would make financial sense, as it would Sell like hot-cakes...As would the 3DS. But a Single Generation has never spanned over two Consoles, so I think we’ll be waiting until the Gen 6 to see a main Pokémon game on the 3DS...Then again, Gen 5 already broke existing Trends by being on the same console as a previous Generation, so who knows, this could be entirely possible.

The only thing I really want to see happen is the Wi-Fi Overhaul, as I’ve said many, many times...Unless it’s on the 3DS though, the Community thing is just a pipe dream, so just giving more options for Battles would be fine...I would really like to see rule customization, even if it is along the lines of Battle Revolution’s, which had a fine selection of customizable rules.

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