Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Try That Again - Mega Man 8

We just can't get enough Mega Man here at Adamant Ditto, so Don decided to take on Mega Man 8 for the Playstation. Get ready to soar through the sky with Auto and Eddie, hunt for bolts, embarrass Astro Man and take down Dr. Wahwee. If you're not ready, we'll be sure to make a Popsicle out of you and if you are, well, see you in our dreams!

Yeah, Don took on Mega Man 8 but it should be called "Let's see how many technical problems we can fit into one Let's Play." The quality is a little ehhh because of us ripping it from the stream rather than recording it separately,  pretty sure there's a moment where a few of us drop, we spend about an hour hunting for bolts and worst of all, we lost a fourth of the footage and had to rerecord it. But if you can get through all that, it is a pretty fun one so be sure to check it out. We never claimed to be professional, after all

First video is below and a link to the playlist is attached to that thumbnail up there.

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