Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let's Try That Again - Mega Man X3

Don returns to play Mega Man X3 which has better Mavericks than the previous installment but no Street Fighter moves. X and Zero now face a new threat, Dr. Doppler. Hear us explain multiple times what the Doppler effect is and watch X become a Jedi in this LTTA.

It's about time we got this up, right? Well, the videos were kind of uploaded out of order because some of them decided they didn't want to process so I had to spend a couple more hours reuploading them. My internet went out for a bit so that only added to the problem. Anyway, they're all up now and you can watch it all right here, right now, in order. Runtime: 3:17:00.

That should be it for what we got in the pipeline. Don't want to wait whole months before we upload these videos? Catch us live on our stream as Kyle plays Pokemon - Yellow Version.

As for the next Mega Man game we'll be playing... Be prepared to JUMP JUMP and SLIDE SLIDE.

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