Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pokémon Remake: Steelix

It's here! It's here! The day I've been waiting for! The day that I finally finish remaking Steelix!

It's so massive, you'll think the Trainer is Over Compensating for Something...

I absolutely adore Steelix! It was the first shiny I ever came across and caught (Barring the Gyarados in G/S/HG/SS...Also, it was an Onix, originally, but I think you all guessed that) in Fire Red (Later that same day, I came across as Shiny Diglett, which I wasn't looking for, and I also caught it)! This Generation, I decided to actually raise it, and it's pretty good! If only the Wi-Fi didn't suck so bad, he'd see more action! Anyway, back to the sheet...I started it over a year ago, working on it on and off until I finally decided to just hold off on it for a while...So, it just sat there for 11 months, until I decided to put the rest of the sheet together. Here we are, almost two weeks after that, and it's finally done! All this work, and I only got two (HE'S GOT TWO!) Animations out of it...AND LOOK HOW BIG THE SHEET IS! Anyway, I really hop you enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Next up is a relatively small Pokémon who can have some hot action with a Wailord

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