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The Ten Characters I'd Like to See in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Turbo HD Remix Pinball

Capcom is an awful company. They’ve been on the gaming community’s radar for a while now because of their shady business practices involving on disc DLC and releasing entirely separate games featuring things that should have just been in the original. But, Don already wrote a whole article about that so I’m just going to stop that here. 

The Fate of Everybody's Wallets.
Instead, let’s talk about Marvel vs. Capcom 3. We all know that when the game was released, everybody was hyped and constantly discussed characters that should have been in but were left out. Then Capcom released Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 not but 8 months later and included 12 new characters but people still weren’t satisfied. So there’s a rumor going around about a potential third Marvel vs. Capcom 3 being in the pipeline. Now, it’s clearly fake. It was a picture obviously photoshopped by a member of 4Chan or Neogaf or something but that hasn’t stopped the community from talking about it. So hey, let’s pretend they do release a third one or better yet, DLC that isn’t on the disc for ultimate. These are the ten characters (five from Marvel and five from Capcom) I would actually be willing to pay for. So let’s get started, you already know who number one is anyway.

Marvel Side

5. The Vision

Not his white form, though. That one sucks.
I know very well that nobody on Earth cares about The Vision. Nobody. Except for me. The Vision may very well be my favorite comic book character that I essentially know nothing about. I mean look at him, he’s so cool! Plus, he’s one of the last remaining Avengers to not be in the game. If Hawkeye can make the cut, so can The Vision. Now The Vision is a robot except he’s got all the emotions and appearance of a human. But because he’s a robot, he can do all kinds of neat things. He’s super strong, he can fly, he can shoot beams out of his head, he can disappear and reappear plus he can heal himself. Because see, he’s a robot so he can just self-repair. Maybe now Phoenix won’t be the only character who can heal. The Vision might seem too obscure and weird to make in but hey, he’s damn cool and if Iron Fist and Rocket Raccoon can be playable, anybody can. 

4. Doctor Octopus

Japan does like tentacles.
Spider-Man is a huge serious for Marvel, perhaps their biggest so it blows my mind that Spider-Man is the only Spider-Man character in MvC3. Especially considering the series has one of the best rogue galleries in all of comic book history. So I’m going with Dr. Octopus because he’d be so rad and very original. His four synthetic arms could give him so crazy reach and some crazy power and opens the door for a lot of unique moves, specifically in the throwing department. Supposedly, Dr. Octopus was considered to be in MvC3 but they couldn’t make his crazy arms and equally crazy hit box work. I think that’s a damn shame because Doc Ock is awesome and he’d be a total blast to play.

3. Squirrel Girl

The face of a true hero.
Laugh all you like but I love Squirrel Girl and I honestly thought she had a chance of being in MvC3. Seth Killian said there was supposedly one weird character still in the game after they announced MODOK and I had high hopes it was going to be her (or Howard the Duck.) But it wasn’t. I was sad. Now while Squirrel Girl would most likely be considered a joke character, she shouldn’t be taken as such. Not only does she have super human strength and agility, razor sharp claws and the ability to speak to squirrels, she has taken down some of the best and most powerful villains in Marvel history. Some of her thwarted foes include Dr. Doom, MODOK, Fin Fang Foom, Thanos, Deadpool and the man himself, Wolverine. Yes. That’s right, Squirrel Girl has fought and defeated Wolverine and lived to tell the tale. She’s defeated Deadpool so many times, he actually considers her to be one of the biggest threats in the world. That’s just how mighty Squirrel Girl is. I’d love to see her in MvC just to hear the hilarious dialogue she’s sure to have with any of those characters but also because she’d just be so damn cool.

2. Gambit

He should also hit on every female in the game.
Okay, why exactly wasn’t this guy in MvC3 again? I mean, not only is he one of the most popular X-Men characters, he was in the first two Marvel vs. Capcom games. Yeah, Gambit was left on the cutting room floor despite being in the two previous games. Shouldn’t being in the game that started it all give him an instant pass into all following games? Kind of like Jigglypuff in Super Smash Bros.? I mean, it just makes no sense. Gambit already has a moveset, he has the fans and he’s frickin’ cool. Capcom clearly just wasn’t thinking when they let Remy LeBeau slip away. I should have been wacking people with my bo and throwing exploding playing cards at The Hulk back in March of last year. Speaking of members of the original cast who were left off for no good reason…

1. Venom

The '90's incarnate.
Just like Gambit, Venom is one of the only Marvel characters from the original to be completely left out of MvC3. (Also War Machine but ehhh.) Venom is one of the most popular characters in comic books and probably Spidey’s biggest adversary/occasional cohort. In fact, I’d even say he represents the ‘90’s better than any other comic book character. Back then, everything had to be extreme and dark and twisted and Venom was a good example of that. (Yes, I know he first showed up in the late 80’s but he was biggest in the 90’s.) Venom already has a moveset and a devoted fanbase so he should have been an obvious choice for the first game. Instead, we got Dormammu. Why, Capcom? Why? All I want to do is transform into a weird jumping, blobby thing with spikey teeth and chew on my enemies while they’re still in the air. Is that too much to ask? I guess so because Venom just didn’t make the cut for MvC3. It’s okay though, there’s always Shuma-Gorath.

Capcom Side

5. Jin Saotome

Real men wear scarves.
I don’t really know much about this character and honestly, I didn’t know whether I wanted to include him, Zack & Wiki or Gene from God Hand on this list at number 5 but I ended up going with Jin because, like Gambit and Venom, he was in the original. Jin is from a game known as Cyberbots which is all about giant robots beating the snot out of each other. Jin is a very capable fighter in his own right, which is why he was playable in Marvel vs. Capcom to begin with. While I never quite got a hand of playing as him, he was quite powerful and pretty good at dishing out the hits. Plus the way his cape swayed in the wind was just really cool to look at. So yeah, chalk this one up to just thinking the originals should be playable always. Always.

4. Sissel/Yomiel

"Why didn't anybody buy my game?"
I love Ghost Trick. It is right up there with Elite Beat Agents as the most underrated game of all time. So, I’m including the main character from the game because I love it and it’s my list so I can. For those of you (judging by the sales, all of you) who haven’t played Ghost Trick, at the beginning of the game, Sissel is found dead and you control him as a ghost where he is capable of possessing things and moving them how he needs to. He can also revert time and save the lives of other people who are killed which in turn gives him the ability to communicate with them whenever he wants. While he’s never really done any fighting in the game, neither has Phoenix Wright and he was playable and he’s awesome so there. The way I see, Sissel (or Yomiel if you prefer) could play as sort of a chameleon character. Basically taking the moves of other characters and using them. Maybe he could use some sort of possession mechanic where he briefly possesses a character and takes an ability of there, such as Ryu’s hadouken or Captain America’s shield slash. He’d obviously have to have some moves of his own made up for him, most likely involving objects and characters from the game such as Ray the Lamp or Missile the dog. However, the idea of taking abilities conflicts with another character I’d like to see but more of that later. Either way, Ghost Trick deserves some love and I’d love to see a rep in Marvel vs. Capcom.

3. Alex

He's a million times cooler than Abel.
Since Marvel vs. Capcom is a fighting game series and that seems to be what Capcom does best, it makes sense that Street Fighter would get a fair share of characters represented in the game. While the number dropped significantly from the second game, MvC3 featured four different Street Fighter characters however, not a single one was from Street Fighter 3, arguably the hardcore audience’s favorite entry. Street Fighter 1, 2 and 4 all got reps but not 3. So, to wrong that right, I’ve decided to go with my personal favorite, Alex. When Street Fighter 3 came out, Alex was all set to be the main character, the break-out star, even appearing on the promotional and cover art. But of course, he wasn’t and everybody still just cared about Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li. But Alex finally got his dues in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom where, despite being incredibly slow (which I don’t like in fighting games), he ended up being one of my favorite characters. He’s a grappler, which admittedly, I’m no good with (or any type, for that matter) but he could work with that same moveset in MvC. Grapplers might not be as good as they would be in say, Street Fighter x Tekken but hey, they have a place. Street Fighter is one of Capcom’s biggest franchises so I think they could justify five slots, especially if it means showing some love to Street Fighter 3. Also, while I went with Alex here, I’d be okay if they included Dudley, Elena or Ibuki instead. Just, more SF3.

2. Captain Commando

Admit it, you're a little moist right now.
Another character from the original who should just automatically be included, Captain Commando is awesome. I mean just look at him, he’s like Robocop meets that weird police ranger from Power Rangers Turbo meets Billy Idol. He’s a badass and he deserves to be playable. Much like the other characters I’ve mentioned from the original, he already has a moveset and a fanbase and why shouldn’t he? He’s from a classic beat-em-up where all he does is kick the crap out of bad guys. You’re looking at somebody who can shoot fire, lightning and take falls from over 100 feet in the air and come out unfazed. While Captain Commando may have been a very popular beat-em-up arcade game back in the ‘90’s, the series really hasn’t done anything since which is likely why Capcom decided to scrap him from MvC3. But I mean, come on, guys. If Nintendo can have Ice Climbers and Mr. Game & Watch, you can have Captain Commando. He was in the original. Just give the people what they want! Speaking of…

1. Mega Man

*Sigh* If only there was a reason to smile, Rock...
Were you really expecting anybody else? Honestly? I mean, Mega Man is without a doubt the most requested and most unfairly forgotten character in all of Marvel vs. Capcom history. Not only was he in the original and it’s sequel, he’s been Capcom’s mascot for 25 years and there are two characters in MvC3 from his franchise. And he’s not one of them. Like, what? Capcom has been slowly trying to kill Mega Man in every way possible and it all started by not including him in MvC3 and when they had the chance to make up for it with Ultimate, they steered Mega Man fans wrong again. What did he do to deserve this Capcom, huh? Why do you hate Mega Man? Why is he fat and ugly in Street Fighter x Tekken? Why do you think this is funny? While Mega Man definitely needs to be playable in MvC3, I do think he could use a bit of an overhaul in terms of gameplay. Much like what I said about Sissel, I think he should be able to take abilities from different characters. Each character he fights could give him a different power to use in battle, sort of like Kirby in Super Smash Bros. plus it would fit with the whole Mega Man games thing. In fact, I think our very own Don once made a list of all the powers Mega Man should get from the different characters in MvC3. Why are we able to do it but not Capcom? Why do we care about Mega Man more than Capcom? It just isn’t fair. Look, at this point, while I’d prefer it be classic, I don’t care if it’s Mega Man X or .Exe, just show Mega Man some love. He should have been one of the first four characters Capcom’s design team put in the game. Why was he left out completely? Mega Man, you’ve been wronged and don’t think any of us have forgotten you. We still love you, buddy and we want to see you rise again. And hopefully do so by kicking Wesker’s ass.

So that’s my list and trust me, there’s tons more I could have included. Other than the already mentioned Zack & Wiki, Gene and War Machine, I’d also love to see Carnage, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Roll, Bass, Batsu, Red Skull, Nick Fury, Amingo, Jill Valentine (The one in MvC3 doesn’t count) and tons more. Also, I’d love for Capcom to team up with Disney and make a Disney vs. Capcom. Imagine Darkwing Duck vs. Mega Man. That’d be frickin’ awesome. Make it happen, Capcom. Oh and be sure to leave who you’d love to see in the comments below.

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