Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brawl Bruisedays - 04/17/12 Highlights

Our very first Brawl Bruisedays was quite the success. Although we had a few technical problems and some problems with Nintendo's shoddy wi-fi, we managed to get four ours worth of Brawl time in with 8 different members of Adamant Ditto all duking it out. It was a blast! We'd like to thank everybody who showed up and we hope you had a good time and will join us next week.

As I mentioned above, we had four hours worth of Brawl matches, on two separate streams even, so narrowing down the best of the best was a bit of a tricky task. I still ended up with 45 minutes worth of footage. I meant to have the audience cast their votes for the best matches but I forgot and only managed to get a few suggestions on Twitter. Oh well, a lot of funny stuff happens.

The first part is below and the second is after the jump.

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