Friday, April 6, 2012

Let's Try That Again - Final Fight

Matt and Don are back with another Beat-em-up, this time it's the original Final Fight for the arcade. Now, this one was filmed pretty late at night, which is why there's only four of us. But hey, we can't deny you another beat-em-up Adamant Ditto style. So sit back and watch us take on Damnd, Poison, Abigail and the rest of Metro City's criminal element mayor style.

Beat-em-ups are almost always a fun way to kill some time with a buddy which is why we enjoy doing them here at Adamant Ditto. Good laughs are had when two or more of us take the streets and just start wailing on dudes. While they never seem to have great lasting appeal, which is why you don't see many these days, they're still fun while they last and some of the best multiplayer experiences around. I look forward to playing more for the channel and I especially look forward to that new Double Dragon game. Can't wait to resume the role of Bimmy Lee and kick some ass.

First video for Final Fight is below. Playlist is attached to the thumbnail. Total runtime: 47:41.

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