Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let's Try That Again - Mega Man X4 - Zero Playthrough

We're back with Mega Man X's foray into the 32-bit world! For the first time, you get to choose between X and Zero, complete with their own story and cutscenes and unique gameplay. Since Zero has the hair and is top tier, it only makes sense that we had to go with him for this LTTA! So, prepare your butts for some Cyber Mandarins as Don runs through this one.

So Don finally got around to getting this one up. We recorded it a while back, even more Scott Pilgrim, but we never got it up. Well, here it is. It's pretty good. Don knows the game pretty well and David was there and he makes everything better. So yeah, enjoy that.

First part is below, it links to the playlist as does that thumbnail up there. Total runtime:  2:14:35

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