Saturday, June 16, 2012

VGM of the Week #33

As though by some cosmic force I got the VGMW for Mother's Day and now I have Father's Day as well. Well, there's not I Big Daddy sort of video game to play off of Cooking Mama, feel free to correct me because I'm sure I'm wrong, but because of that I wanted to just post something from my dad's favorite game. Unfortunately he's kinda taken the course of hating video games and barely tolerates my gaming obsession. But he did love Star Wars, the old 1983 Atari Arcade game! Unfortunately, no one give a flying alliteration about that game's music. Literally, this is all I found:

So I'll go a little out there and give you this; the first console game I ever owned all thanks to him.

I swear I'll do something cool when it gets back around to me.

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