Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's Try That Again - The Punisher

Beat 'Em Up Month continued as Ricky and Matt played through one of the most hardcore games we've ever played on the channel; The Punisher for the arcade. The Punisher and Nick Fury kick, shoot and blast their way through numerous thugs as they try to make their way to the Kingpin himself. There's plenty of explosions, stabbing, flamethrowers and lots, of lots of manliness. You're in for one hell of ride with this one.

Okay. This one went up a few days ago and I should have updated about it then but I forgot. Sorry about that. I'm a terrible, terrible person. Also, I've been busy. What with work and The Dark Knight Rises (which is awesome) and Steam's Summer Sale (Also awesome) and Minecraft (Which I've gotten lost in every time I played. The caves are mean.) But hey, here's an update about it now! This one is pretty damn funny, too. So watch it. Watch it twice. Then like every video twice.

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