Sunday, July 15, 2012

VGM of the Week #37

For this week's VGM of the Week, I originally wanted to do Cody's Theme from Super Street Fighter IV. But, Don just did Guile's Theme last week, which was also Street Fighter related and my last VGM of the Week pick was from another Capcom fighting game, so maybe I should give those a rest for a bit.

But I still wanted a VGM that could honor our on-going Beat 'Em Up Month event, so I turned to one of the best beat 'em up soundtracks: Turtles in Time. Not only is Turtles in Time one of the best of the genre, it has some of the best music in the genre as well. Every track, from beginning to end, is intense and just a pure joy to listen to but there's one in particular that will always stand out and likely not just to me, but anybody who's played the game.

Yes, of course I'm talking about Big Apple 3 AM. This track is just so good. Not only is it catchy and upbeat, but every time I hear it, I just want to pound some foot soldiers into the group or throw them towards anybody who's watching. It's just so satisfying. I also love how you can hear some of the original Ninja Turtle cartoon theme in there too. I always catch myself starting to sing the theme at around the 15 second mark but then it goes in a completely different direction and I just feel foolish. Either way, this is an awesome song from an awesome soundtrack and one of the best beat 'em ups of all time.

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