Sunday, August 12, 2012

VGM of the Week #41

As I was looking through my library of assorted video game music for a new ringtone, I came across this and thought it would work really well.


I'm not using it as a ringtone anymore because I decided to make my ringtones from Kirby (because my wallpaper is Kirby as a result of my phone being pink). Still, I felt Jet Set Radio Future deserves some love here. Jet Set Radio HD is coming out in September which is still a ways to go (it was supposed to come out this summer!). Hopefully it does well enough for us to get Jet Set Radio Future HD because it would be nice to not own an original xbox just to play JSRF. I know the 360 is backwards compatible with it but from what I hear, the 360 emulates it poorly and there's a lot of slowdown. No thanks.

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