Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wii U Launch Details

So, for those of you who pay attention to us over the fine folks at Gamespot, or IGN, or even whoever the lowest common denominator for Video Game News, Nintendo had an itty-bitty conference where they announced the launch date of their next system, the Wii U. I'm basically just gonna relay the info I'm gatting from Gamespot, so to cover my ass, you can read their news post here.

Alright, first and foremost, date and price: Well, we North Americans will be nabbing this baby earlier than anyone else on November 18. It's also going to have two models available, a white 8GB one and a black 32GB one. Your 8GB will be $299, which is already lower than I was expecting, and the 32GB will be $350. Both of them will come with a Gamepad, AC adapter, HDMI cable and sensor bar. If you asked me, 50 extra bucks for 24 extra gigs is scant. If you're gonna blow the dough for the U, go big. Also, Ninty was so nice as to just package the baby with an HDMI cable off the bat!

Well, if that were not enough for you, that deluxe model has more than just additional memory; it also has console and gamepad stands, and a copy of Nintendoland. Dude, forget the basic model! Deluxe is the way to go. (Also, as someone that works in retail, I appreciate the color-coding betwixt the models. It'll make it easy to identify what we have or don't have, and at home is basically declares to whomever you have over which Wii U you got.) Don't know European prices just yet, but you're getting it Nov 30 and Japan is getting it last on Dec 8 because that makes sense.

There is now also TVii which is basically all those TV and movie sites right on the Wii U. Nexflix, Hulu, and all their brothers. Also, TiVo and DVR. Next, please.

So all that leaves here is games. And just like we asked for in the video that we'll post soon, New Super Mario Bros. U will launch with the system. Hallelujah! The only other one in the quote launch window unquote is Lego City Undercover. Lego games are super popular, so this will do well.

Wii U exclusives will include BAYONETTA 2 which is probably going to be cool, but I never played it going to be sweet! That P-100 game is now called The Wonderful 101, also exclusive.

Activision's also throwing us some Skylanders, 007, Transformers, and some more shovelware. Also Call of Duty: Black Ops II for U was announced, which is in the same ball-park of poor decisions as Arkham Asylum coming back with a handful of gimmicks. Sorry, but tons of people have already pre-ordered Black Ops for whatever system they already have. And that's just where I work. Did you know you could pre-order stuff at Target? I'd be willing to bet you did not, which means all the people that, like you, did not know, pre-ordered it somewhere else.

And now, Jess with the weather.

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