Sunday, October 28, 2012

VGM of the Week #52

Somehow I got lucky enough to get the Sunday right before Halloween for my VGM of the Week so I knew I had to do something spooky. But what kind of spooky music can I pick being a guy who is too big of a chicken to play scary games?

Frantic Factory. That's what.

While Donkey Kong 64 is far from a scary game, the Frantic Factory stage used to scare the crap out of me when I was kid. I don't know, something about the dark corridors, the living toys, the giant machinery it was very atmospheric and that atmosphere was scary. I mean, when you're 10.

As an adult, I realize the reason I probably found this stage so creepy was because of the music. This little ditty is so chilling just in the way it presents itself. From the the wind-up toy noise at the beginning to the music-box like chimes that follow, it's very creepy and fits the stage brilliantly. It still kind of gives me the creeps even at 21 years old. But that also makes it my favorite music track in the game.

I love Donkey Kong 64 and I don't give a damn what anybody else thinks of it and this track is awesome.

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