Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Pokémon Sheet: Cofagrigus

So, lemme tell you a little story...Every October, I only do Dark & Ghost types, for Halloween. This year, because I've been a little lax, I only had a few, late in the month (As you've all seen over the past few weeks). I got all the way to my last planned sheet for the month! But, alas, Hurricane Sandy decided to be a bitch & hit me with her best shot...Ironically, I didn't lose power, but the fear of losing power kept me away from the Computer through most of the storm...Which is why you're seeing the Pokémon I had scheduled for Halloween on November 1st...

Anyway, I love Cofagrigus! He's got to be one of my new Favorite Pokémon, and I mean one of my favorites! Not just one out of the newest batch! That's saying a lot, considering there's 650-I mean 649 Pokémon. The only thing that ever bugged me about him was his name...And I'm pretty much used to that now!

Next up is the only Bug/Steel type Pokémon who learns Rapid Spin through Level Up

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