Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Pokémon Sheet: Alakazam

Ok, so far, it looks like I'm back on track...2 sheets in under a week...

Alakazam's the definition of a Glass Cannon: Awesome Sp. Attack & Speed, and terrible everything else...Here's an interesting fact about him: Alakazam weighs less than Kadabra...I'm assuming because he got rid of all that junk in his trunk. I've always liked Alakazam...Not just because of his amazing stats, or the fact that he has an awesome 'stache...It's purely because of how overpowered he was in Gen. 1. Oh how cruel it was to bust out a Psychic type back then...

Next up is one of the only two Water/Rock Pokémon that is not revived from a Fossil

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