Monday, January 14, 2013

Pokémon Sheet Remake: Togepi

So, you'll notice the Title's different...That's because it would be a lie if I said it was new, I had already made Togepi once before, but the quality was lacking...I tend to remake old Pokémon sheets to keep up with the growing quality...So the Project's in this kind of endless cycle...I make Pokémon to get better, I get better, I have to remake Pokémon for quality control...Anyway, two sheets in a day is pretty quick

Togepi's awesome...What's not to like!? If you're like me, you first saw Togepi as an Egg in the Anime...He was the first new Pokémon we ever saw (Well, aside from the Golden Ho-oh from the first episode...)...There's not much to say about him

Remakes are going to be a common thing over the next few weeks (And every so often after), so rather than Hints, I'll just flat out tell you that Meowth's being remade next

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