Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Pokémon Sheet: Cryogonal

Maybe I should pace myself a little bit...Not too much, I mean, I'm just about halfway done...Yup, that's right, in 10.5 sheets, I'll be exactly Halfway done (Stupid ending on 649 Pokémon instead of 650)

Not much to say about this guy...I mean, There's not much you can really do with this guy...He's so...Static...I thought that he could close the parts around the Black, but nope, he's always like that...The only thing is that he learns Rapid Spin, so...Yeah, I did that (I think he looks like a Coin when he spins, haha)...Also, in Pokedex 3D, he spins like that as his Special Attack, so I have that as the Special Attack on this sheet as well!

Hint Time!

According to one of it's Pokédex entries, this next Pokémon has a body made of Rock, but is not a Rock Type, instead it is just an Ice Type

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