Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pokémon Sheet Remake: Lapras

My first ever remake on the Blog...Just give me a moment to let that sink in...It's kind of strange, considering the Bulk of this project in the past has been retooling my older sheets to look better...And yet here I am posting a remake for the first time...

Anyway, Lapras is by far my favorite Ice Type...I mean, just look at it, cute and awesome at the same time! I know it's probably based off of the Loch Ness Monster, but it reminds me of a Turtle, my favorite animal (The Ninja Turtles are completely to blame for this!)

Anyway, this took a lot of hard work, and I think it paid off...I at least hope it did...This is my Final sheet of 2011, and I hope you enjoyed the ride! Expect to see new Sheets in 2012!
What? Did you think I forgot the hint? Next up is the only Pokémon who has the Ability Magnet Pull, yet is not affected by it when encountered.

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