Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 Songs in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

There are a ton of songs in Brawl. A ton. The sheer quantity vastly overshadows the quality. The amount of songs in conjunction with the ability to pick and choose which one plays on what stage and how often . It's arguably the best video game soundtrack even. Narrowing it down to a select few in order of how much I like them is incredibly hard. So I decided to set a rule. It has to be music that is rearranged specifically for Brawl. That means nothing like Dragon Roost Island or the remixes made for Melee. It can be a totally original piece made for Brawl. Just not something that they just brought over in it's original form. It's also kind of hard to explain in a lot of words why I like these tunes so I only included a little blurb with each entry.

With that, here's my list of ten favorite songs that are in Brawl...

10. Waluigi Pinball

This is a great track in more ways than one.

9. Underworld

Matt would've killed me if I didn't put this on the list.

8. Battlefield ver. 2

There a lot of versions of the Brawl theme but I decided to put this one at number 8. Some other good ones I considered including the Online Practice Stage or All-Star Rest Area.

7. Battle Theme / Final Boss (Golden Sun)

This shit's melt-your-face-off hardcore. It plays on Norfair which is fitting cause it has lava.

6. Butter Building

All of the Kirby songs are great in Brawl but if I had to narrow it down to one, I'd choose this one. It's so upbeat and rockin'.

5. Corneria

I honestly just can't explain how cool this sounds. SNES Corneria > 64 Corneria.

4. Mute City

I always felt this one had a dash of Linkin Park in it. Good stuff.

3. Final Destination

Technically another variation of the Brawl theme. I know most people are tired of hearing this because all they ever do is play on Final Destination without items and as specific characters but it's just so damn epic and good.

2. Ocarina of Time Medley

All of the very catchy and iconic tunes from Ocarina of Time meshed together in one grand and epic medley. Makes my Link rock hard.

1. Bramble Blast

You guys probably weren't expecting this one at number 1 from me since I haven't really made it known that I think that DKC series has great music. This is such an amazing and beautiful piece so I just had to put this as number 1. I can never get tired of listening to this song. It's unfortunate that it plays on worst stage in the game.

It's really amazing to see all these various video game composers get together to contribute some music filled with appreciation and respect of the original work. For the most part, I gotta say, I honestly think that these arrangements are better than their original counterparts. The originals were such classics with very catchy melodies but I feel that these remixes manage to improve on them. That's quite the achievement. It's like the sequel movie is an even better movie than the first. By the way, this is for anyone that followed the Dojo every day like I did, the samples they put out are among my favorites in the game. Like Tunnel Scene (X)? So cool sounding. They did a good job of picking which ones to get people hype for the game.

I want to also take this time to mention that... Does anyone else think Gritzy Desert sounds like Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts II?

Gritzy Desert

A Day in Agrabah

That's probably because they're both made by the same person, Yoko Shimomura!

And one more thing... this is a special shoutout to TimmyTurnersDad aka DeoxysPrime aka GilvaSunner but not to be confused with SilvaGunner for uploading all the songs from Brawl. You're missing a few though.

Feel free to share your thoughts about my list or your own below!

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