Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things that I would like to see happen with the next Iteration of the 3DS

Yes, I know it's still pretty early in it's life to be thinking about this, but I think that enough has presented itself to warrant this. I didn't put this in any kind of order, I just wrote things as they came to mind. If this was Top 5 or Top 10, I would put them in order, but it's not

  • Different Finish/Texture - In my opinion, I think the 3DS should have had the same Texture as the DSi. It's current texture makes it slippery if you've been playing for a while...It's a minor complaint, but because of it I've almost dropped my 3DS on more than one occasion
  • The Start and Select Buttons should be Actual Buttons! - This has to be one of the more annoying things about the 3DS' Design. Instead of being buttons, they are 'Blended' into the plate around the Smaller touch Screen (We'll get to that), along with the Home Button. They seem to be flat, meaning they're harder to press, which could be annoying if you go to pause the game quick & put it down (of course, you could jut put it in Sleep Mode by closing it). I also feel they should take their original place under the ABXY buttons, rather than being part of the Touch Screen's Plate.
  • The Screens Should be bigger and the Same Size! - This really annoyed me about the 3DS...I mean seriously, WHY is the Touch Screen so much smaller? I mean, I get that they wanted to focus less on the Touch Screen this time, and they wanted backwards compatibility (Which is why it's still there), but why not just make them the same size? I don't see how this could cause a problem. With it being raised, due to the 'buttons' under the Screen, it only causes problems...Like how the Bottom Screen actually touches the top screen, which could cause the 3DS to Scratch itself...ON THE ACTUAL SCREEN!...If they were the same size, at least the scratches wouldn't be glaringly obvious during 3D Gameplay. (I've been lucky enough to only get Smudges from them touching, but I have heard stories about them actually scratching themselves, and that's a HUGE Flaw with the Design, and the Bumpers...I bought a Silicon Case just so this doesn't happen)...I also say that they should both be bigger because...Let's face it, the next Iteration needs something other than minor fixes to grab people who bought the original. Which brings us to...
  • The Circle Pad Pro - Should be built in, under the ABXY buttons...Why was this not in the original Design again? Yes, this was probably the most talked about thing when we saw that Add-on that makes it harder to play with the 3DS being centered. I'm glad they made it as an attachment, but come on, this should've already been there.
  • The Power Button - I think this should be paired with the Home Button, under the Touch Screen, and both should be actual buttons (Yes, I know the Power Button already is one)...This one's more of a Preference, but, even though this hasn't happened in any way, shape, or form, I feel it's too easy to accidentally bump it...Yes, it's not like the Original DS, where it would just shut off if you hit it, but it could still get annoying.
  • The Stylus - Should be back where it belongs...On the Side of the 3DS.
  • The Battery - Needs to last longer...It just does...At least 3 Times as long as the Current Battery
  • The Hinge - Needs to be tighter. Seriously, It feels like it's barely hanging. Tighten it up to DSi Standards, but don't make it too tight, or we'll have another DS Lite Situation, where the Hinge could crack and eventually break.
  • Nitpicks - I feel like the Lights should be on the Left and/or Right of the Hinges...You know, like the Street/Spotpass light. Move the Mic back to the Hinge, along with the Inner Camera...and maybe make all of the buttons a little larger...

All of these are oversights by Nintendo. Some of them are minor, while others are blindingly obvious things that need fixing. Despite all of this, it's not a bad system, the games that are out now, and the games coming out next year can attest to that, I just feel that a lot of these should have been implemented before it released...If this was the case, I wouldn't have minded paying the $250 Launch least not as much...and I'll end this the same way I end everything when talking about buying the 3DS at Launch...I SHOULD HAVE WAITED!...Even though I don't regret buying it in the least...

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