Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pokémon Remakes: Diglett & Dugtrio

I think this is my first Journal about something that I've been doing since this project started: Remakes

This first one contains two awesome Pokémon, Diglett & Dugtrio...Yes, I know Dugtrio was on our top 5 Worst First Generation Pokémon, but that was only because he's lazy. Otherwise, he's an awesome Pokémon, and one of the only Shiny Pokémon I caught way back in Fire Red (The other one being an Onix, who I started using).

Diglett Dig! Diglett Dig!
Trio Trio Trio

As with everyone else on the planet ever has, I've wondered what Diglett & Dugtrio actually look like fully above ground, and if you've seen a hacked one use Fly in any of the 3D games, you know that not even they know (As the Ground flies up with them)...I just don't know how they can use Scratch...

I'm still on the remake train, so no hints!

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