Saturday, April 14, 2012

Introducing Brawl Bruisedays

Alright, so what are Brawl Bruisedays? Well, basically, we've been playing a lot more Super Smash Bros. Brawl lately around here as you've likely noticed based on the recently uploaded matches so we decided to just make it a weekly stream event. Every Tuesday at around 10 PM EST (Subject to change. We'll be sure to announce the actual time each day on Youtube and Twitter), we'll get together and play some Brawl for a couple hours. We normally play on time as random characters and stages with items on because who wants to play with tournament rules? When it's all said and done, we'll take what we consider the best matches and highlights and put them on the channel. We might even ask the audience to tell us their favorite matches and highlights and upload those as well so look out for that.

There will likely be some kind of preshow before each Bruiseday where you can listen to us yammer on about something while we wait for everybody to get situated and actually sign on because you all know how Nintendo's Wi-Fi can be.

We haven't quite decided if we're going to allow viewers to participate in the actual matches. Normally we have enough people for a match, sometimes even more than enough. So we're still in talks of how to work that in if at all. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

Other than that, be sure to add us on where we will be streaming, you can also catch the stream on the blog here in the "Stream" section. And if you don't already, follow us on Twitter so you can get the latest info on when the streams will start and all that stuff. And if you absolutely need to get your Brawl fix before then or just want to see what you're in for, you can check out our recently put together playlist of all our Brawl matches on the channel.

So yeah, Brawl Bruisedays starts this coming Tuesday. We hope to see you there.

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