Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3: Nintendo Conference Live Report

All times are CST.
- 10:57 Stream Started. My body is ready.
- 10:59 AHAHAHAHAHA They're showing off photoshopped versions of the picture they posted on twitter with Miyamoto, Iwata, and Reggie with their hands together.
- 11:00 Starting off with a teaser of Miyamoto with Pikmin and transitions to him walking on stage.
- 11:03 Miyamoto asks everyone if they notice anything around them. Cuts to the crowd with digitized Pikmin around them. Miyamoto's translator jumps on to stage.
- 11:04 Miyamoto is now talking about the black Wii U Gamepad on stage.
- 11:05 PIKMIN!
- 11:08 In addition to pointer controls, you can control using only the touch screen. Captain Olimar is not among the main playable characters. Why? It's a secret.
- 11:10 Miyamoto jokingly pretends to throw the Red Pikmin from his breast pocket.
- 11:11 Reggie gets on stage. "I FEEL JUST LIKE A PURPLE PIKMIN" - REGGIE
- 11:11 We'll see 23 Wii U titles today. I hope my body can take it
- 11:13 Sneaky Hulu, Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Video announcement because they don't have time to talk about the hardware and their focus is the games.
- 11:14 Reggie trying to get likes on Facebook.
- 11:15 Wii U supports 2 Wii U GamePads. Holy crap.
- 11:18 Miiverse stuff. Nothing new yet.
- 11:19 This was already known but I feel like I should note that Miiverse will not be available at launch.
- 11:20 New Super Mario Bros. U. Surprise!
- 11:21 BABY YOSHIS! FLYING SQUIRREL SUIT. The player using the GamePad can create blocks on the touch screen.
- 11:23 Harley talking about Reggie and introduces the president of Warner Bros. Entertainment.
- 11:24 UNIQUE version Arkham City just for Wii U titled Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition.
- 11:26 Reid Schneider, VP is now on stage to talk about the exclusive features. B.A.T. mode gives  Batman a super meter when filled, makes Bats do more damage. Remote Controlled Batarang similar to the Beetle in Skyward Sword. You'll be able to put explosive gel in places and detonate them individually on the touch screen.
- 11:29 Jeremiah Slackza now on stage to show off Scribblenauts Unlimited. Make your own creations. Multiplayer Mode. HD graphics. Wow.
- 11:30 Showcase video. Mass Effect 3. Some tank game. Tekken Tag 2 with Super Mushrooms. Trine 2. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, hopefully they fixed that. Aliens Colonial Marines. Hope I didn't miss any while typing. Most of these games are just existing games being ported over with additional features assuming.
- 11:33 "5 years ago... Yes, my body was ready" - Reggie
- 11:34 Wii Fit has sold 43 million around the world.  They're showing off a new Wii Fit... game? It's got some interesting new minigames where you spray a water gun and try to land after jumping on a big trampoline kind of thing. There's also some sort of sledding minigame.
- 11:37 New game involving everyone in the room called Sing. One of those party games. Glorified Karaoke.
- 11:39 They're now making it known that they will have most of the 3DS segment later. They'll still spend some time one it. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is all about the gold. Will be available on August 19th.
- 11:41 YEAH PAPER MARIO! "Paper Mario himself is evolving..." because of stickers! STICKERS! Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The stickers adds more game depth to the battle system as well as the overworld. For example, you can use a fan sticker to reveal hidden items in the area.
- 11:43 Luigi's Mansion 2! New ghosts that'll force you devise new strategies to approach and catch. Coming this holiday season.
- 11:45 Third party line up showcase video. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate. Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. Scribblenauts Unlimited... for 3DS. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.
- 11:46 Lego City Undercover. You guys remember the Lego GTA clone. Douse for hidden criminals using the GamePad. Change your disguise to go "undercover". Matrix parody. At the end of the video, the main character goes down a warp pipe. 3DS version in the works.
- 11:49 Reggie boasts Ubisoft and brought on Yves Guillemot to show off some games.
- 11:51 Xavier Poix takes Yves's place on stage to talk about games. Just Dance 4. They got a dance crew for Reggie. Reggie with the GamePad gets to choose the dance moves while the other players follow. "What's it like being the puppet master?" "Being the puppet master... it's kind of like being the President of Nintendo of America." Crowd laughs.
- 11:54 Trailer for Zombi U. Looks like a CG mock up of gameplay.
- 11:55 Reggie gets turned into a Zombie through the use of the camera on the GamePad and he cracks some jokes.
- 11:56 Another showcase video. Showing off all the Ubisoft games including Assassin's Creed, Rayman Legends, and a Rabbids game.
- 11:58 NintendoLand. A game meant to demonstrate the capabilities of the Wii U. Katsuya Eguchi, Wii U software producer, the guy behind titles such as Wii Sports, Resort, and Animal Crossing, jumps on stage to talk about NintendoLand. There are 12 attractions. 5 of which are at E3 and playable. They are Nintendo themed with attractions based on games like Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing. Miiverse will be integrated. Details at the developer round table.
- 12:02 Luigi's Mansion attraction will have "Asymmetrical Gameplay". Seems like Pac-Man Vs. The Ghostbusters have to work together to capture the ghost. If all the humans are downed, the ghost wins. You have to shine your light to revive a team mate. Batteries drains when you use your flashlight. Ghost can camp downed players for others who try to save him. Teamwork is essential to winning.
- 12:07 Each attraction has their own logo and they're all Nintendo related! Makes me feel all giddy.
- 12:10 "Together. Better." Their Wii U slogan.
- 12:11 Show ends with some fireworks going off in Nintendo Land.

After conference pre-recorded presentation from Iwata after the jump.

 - 12:12 BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. Iwata's talking. Wants to go in depth with the games for all the folks at home not able to play stuff.
- 12:13 IS THIS PILOT WINGS? You can use the GamePad for a Panoramic view. They have a whole family going apeshit about it.
- 12:16 They're now showing off more of Nintendo Land. First up is the Animal Crossing attraction, Sweet Day, where the player with the GamePad chases the others. Animals have to 50 collect candies. Dropping candies make the animals run faster. Some trees require multiple animals to stand on a switch for it to drop a bunch of candy. Next up, Donkey Kong's Crash Course, the DK themed attraction. It's a maze type game controlled by the gyro sensor. Some switches are activated by joysticks.
- 12:21 Why is Iwata staring at bananas... ? He's reviewing the games and analyzing the asymmetrical gameplay.
- 12:23 Now for Wii Fit U. I wonder how much they paid this same white family consisting of various age groups to play their games.
- 12:26 "Here we go, Grandma." This is intersting. She's playing a game where you balance food on the gamepad like a tray as a waiter/waitress. You walk in place on the Balance Board.
- 12:27 "She hasn't even delivered a cake yet."
- 12:29 Oh hey a pedometer.
- 12:32 Zombi U reminds me of Red Steel.
- 12:34 Why is Iwata in different clothes?
- 12:35 Video going in depth with Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition's changes.

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