Wednesday, June 6, 2012

E3: Nintendo's Second Chance Conference Live Report

All times are CST.

- 8:07 Show hasn't started yet so... here's what I want to see for the 3DS: Fire Emblem: Awakening, a game developed by Retro Studios, and a new Zelda game.
- 8:09 Show started and Reggie jumps on stage.
- 8:10 The guy no one knew from yesterday is going to be doing the presentation. Scott Moffit, new face on the block.
- 8:12 Reggie making fun of the guy while sitting in the audience.
- 8:14 First up is Castlevania - Lords of Shadow - Mirrors of Fate. New trailer with voice overs.
- 8:17 Tak Fuji Dave Cox from Konami gets on stage to talk about the game in depth.
- 8:20 Kinda too lazy to talk about the gameplay details but it looks neat. You can swing around with the whip as seen in the trailer like in Super Castlevania IV and Spider-Man.
- 8:23 Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon! You can download the trailer on your 3DS!
- 8:25 Warren Specter joined by Peter Ong are on to talk about Power of Illusion.
- 8:31 Neat trailer showing off the gameplay. Coming Nov. 18.
- 8:32 Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Nate Bidoof Bihldorff from Treehouse is talking about it. Apparently the first game he's worked on was the first Paper Mario and he's been working on it since. The localizations for these games are great. Props to Nate.
- 8:35 Traditionally in battles there's a menu with attack and item commands and stuff. In this, the stickers is what you use to issue commands. I'm not sure I like this.
- 8:38 There's no experience points from fighting battles. You still level up in a way but you have to "look around" and help people.
- 8:42 There seems to be a roulette system. In a fight you can spend coins to try a match it up so you can use more stickers.
- 8:44 Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer. July. Demo coming to eShop we know this shit.
- 8:46 Scribblenauts Unlimited for the 3DS. Not sure what's different.
- 8:47 Showcase. Lego Batman. Transformers. Rabbids Rumble. Heroes of Ruin.
- 8:48 Scott's now reminding everyone about Pokey-mon Black 2 and White 2.
- 8:49 eShop is celebrating its 1 year anniversary today!!!
- 8:51 Fuck Nintendo Video.
- 8:52 Pokeymon Dream Radar and PokeyDex 3D Pro.
- 8:53 Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes demo available RIGHT NOW!
- 8:54 New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be the first game available for purchase at retail and online.
- 8:55 Nate's back with some dude named JC to play for him as he makes an excuse about talking while trying to play "twitch" platforming games.
- 8:56 Golden Fire Flower... IT PRINTS MONEY!
- 8:58 Coin Rush mode has you play through a random selection of 3 levels where you try to collect as many coins as possible. Through Streetpass, a friend of yours could try to beat your score with those same levels.
- 8:59 Simultaneous 2-Player Co-Op.
- 9:00 Haha, these guys are pretty hilarious. Launches 8/19/2012.
- 9:02 Presentation's over? They didn't show off Animal Crossing or any of the things I wanted to see...
- 9:03 I'm upset. At least Reggie liked it.

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