Monday, June 11, 2012

Things I Would Like to see Happen with: The Wii U

So, I said I’d make this a thing, so it’s a thing...Not a thing that will happen very often, but a thing none the less (Yes, I realize that it’s been months since I last did one of these, and that was back before we knew that Black 2 & White 2 are a thing).

Wii would like to play with U!

 Now, I know that the Wii U will be out within the year, so, I’m sure we’ll hear stuff about this sooner or later...This is strictly based on the actual Console, so I’m just going to say now that I  won’t say things like “I’d like to see a Zelda on the Wii U!” The games are a given. ALL People want games on their consoles. It doesn’t need to be said, so again, this is strictly features I’d like to see on the console...

Most of what appears in this “WILtsHw...” might sound pretty obvious (I’m sure most people will want to see at least a few of them), but whatever

AUGH! I thought I only had to enter the 16-Digit Code!
A Change in the Friend Code System:
Yes, we already know that they’re probably going to do what they did with the 3DS, and give it one Core Code. It’s what should have been done with the Wii, and I’m glad Nintendo had enough sense to do it on the 3DS. Most people want to see something like Gamertags, Which I would be fine with. Nothing too exciting here, I’m pretty sure Nintendo will do something similar to the 3DS’ Code System, one ‘Master Code,’ and I’m also fine with that...Basically, as long as I don’t have to put in multiple Friend Codes for the same person, I’m fine

Not requiring the use of the Game Pad:
I love the Game Pad, but I want the option to use the Controller Pro
Yes, I know, that’s kind of the point of the System, to be the Console version of the DS (Or, if you want a Current-Gen handheld comparison, the 3DS). I get it, the Game Pad’s a cool gimmick, but not everyone will want to hold what seems like the Bulkiest Controller I’ve ever seen (A title that previously belonged to the original Xbox Controller). Now, I know that they circumvented worries already by showing the Xbox Contro- I mean the Pro Controller, but that means almost nothing. Look at the Classic Controller on the Wii. I mean, yeah, it got used a few times on my Wii (Mostly for Monster Hunter, the VC Games [SNES and up] and the occasional Brawl [if I was playing locally with more than 1 Person]), but aside from those few games I owned that used it, it was just a barely used Accessory. Now, the Pro Controller gives more hope because...Well, it has all of the same buttons as the Game Pad. I assume the Game Pad’s screen will most likely be more for the Hud, the Map and quick swapping weapons, so it won’t clutter the TV Screen, and I would use it for that...It worked with OoT 3D, as well as countless other DS/3DS games, and I really appreciate that, but with a Console like the Wii U, the option should be there to have all of the Stuff on the TV Screen so you don’t have to use the Game Pad...I get that the Game Pad adds some innovation to Console gaming (It’s already being mimicked!), and I’ll use it for most games, but it’s always nice to have options (They kind of have to have a similar option, especially because people can just play on the Game Pad, so this section could very easily happen)

 Some interesting use of the NFC:
So, in case you’re wondering “What is this NFC?” It stands for Near Field Communication...Think Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure...Anyway, on the Game Pad, under the D-Pad is a little Rectangular thing which is the NFC. You place something on it, and BAM, it appears in the game (I’m going to go ahead and assume that it needs to be something Specific, like a Card, or a Figure, I highly doubt it will be EVERYTING EVER)...I’m interested to see what they do with this...I mean, this could very well be the Wii U’s version of AR Games, and I was very interested in the AR Games, prior to the 3DS’ Launch (Even though I only opened up AR Games 3 Times on my 3DS, I still think AR’s an awesome idea)...So yeah, I hope the Wii U launches with some NFC Cards, or a Figure or something, I’d like to see how it could work for other games too.

Everyone loves the Classics!
More Virtual Console...Consoles...And Games too!:
One of the best things about the Wii is that it has the ability to download old games. From the NES to the N64...Even some games that didn’t make it overseas! Hell, even Sega Genesis games! Since we already know that the Wii U isn’t going to be backwards compatible with Gamecube games (And no GC Controller Support...), I would hope that they would add the Gamecube to their slowly growing arsenal of Nostalgia. They also need to add more games to the Virtual Console...Is anyone else waiting for Donkey Kong 64 to hit the VC? I know I am.

Something similar coming to a Wii near U!
I like Achievements. I know, they don’t do much in-game, but I like the challenge some of them lay out. It adds life to the game as you beat it, and adds replay value after. Sure, you don’t get anything other than Bragging Rights for doing it, but what can I say, sometimes I like to brag. Over the past few days, I’ve heard many things concerning this. From No Achievements at all, to in-game Achievements (Ala Kid Icarus Uprising), to a built-in System (Ala PS3 and the 360). Personally, I’d like to see something similar to the PS360’s Achievement System. 

A Better Online Experience:
We all know that the Wii wasn’t the best when it came to online play...I mean, you can really tell...Just watch some Bruisedays and wait for the Lag to kick in (I know that we take the funniest matches that have the least lag, but I’m sure Lag rears it’s ever so present head in more than a few matches). Now, Nintendo has said that it will be better, but that doesn’t mean that it will be perfect...A while ago, Nintendo started changing logos from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to the Nintendo Network. To my knowledge, we’re still running on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and the Nintendo Network is currently just a rebranding. But from what I’ve read, that’s not the case, the Nintendo Network is going to be more than a rebranding...Hopefully, it’s a great move by Nintendo and the online will be as good as a Paid service...Hopefully, without having to pay...

Please Give us a Lag-less Smash Bros.

All in all, I’m optimistic about the Wii U’s future. I’m excited to learn more about (Like it’s Launch date, and the Price...), and I can’t wait for it to hit the shelves (Though, I’m not sure I’ll get it at Launch)

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