Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's Try That Again - Captain Commando & Knights of the Round

So, I may or may not have forgot to post an update when I upload our Let's Try That Again of Captain Commando a few days ago. Oops! I also uploaded Knights of the Round today so I guess you get a double dosage if you didn't already watch Captain Commando when I first uploaded it.

Originally developed as an official mascot for Capcom, Captain Commando stars a team of super heroic super people/mummies/babies who are out to save the world from evil doers everywhere. Matt and Don take on this surprisingly short game but it's fun while it lasts. Get ready to pile drive Blanka, Shtrom Jr. and Scumocide as a baby in mech suit. This is Captain Commando, part of Beat 'Em Up Month.

Despite breezing through it in less than forty minutes, making it our second shortest LP, Captain Commando is a pretty fun game. The characters and locations are memorable, the attacks are fun and you can get sliced in two and bleed all over the place. That's just awesome. Though you do get to play as a baby in a mech so Mortal Kombat this ain't.

This one takes place in the middle-ages in the days of Camelot; Knights of the Round. While technically it would be a hack and slash, it's still basically a sidescrolling beat 'em up so we'll let it slide. There's plenty of ridiculous horse riding and jumping around in this one, as well as some pretty intense debates about salads. King Arthur and his knights didn't see Adamant Ditto coming. So enjoy this medieval take on Beat 'Em Up Month.

Though more a hack and slash than a beat 'em up (though honestly they're the same damn thing), Knights of the Round is a pretty awesome game. I had never played it before we recorded it so I was quite surprised to see how much fun it was. Sure, it might not be Golden Axe or even Capcom's own King of Dragons but the medieval setting and the level up setting made it a pretty fun ride while it lasted. Plus, the humor and discussions were pretty top notch in this one, if I do say so myself.

Go ahead and hit the jump for the first part to both of these Let's Try That Agains.

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