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Review - Nintendo 3DS XL

A few of you might remember that I wrote an Article on What I would like to see happen with the next 3DS. Well, this was before the XL was even announced, and after seeing the XL for the first time, I wanted it. Now, I have an XL in my hands, and I'd like to share my thoughts on it with you fine people.

The first thing you notice right off the bat is the fact that it's larger (Thank you captain obvious). Some see this as a bad thing as it basically takes the portability out of the Handheld. I disagree...The 3DS XL fits perfectly in my pockets. It's not snug, nor does it stick out. That said, I'm pretty sure my Pockets are kind of deep, but the XL has more wiggle room that the original 3DS does. Whenever I would have the Original 3DS in my pocket, it always felt like it was a tight fit, that pressure was being put on it with every step I took. With the XL, sometimes I forget it's even in there! Now I'm sure everyone's pockets aren't as deep as mine, so I can definitley see why this would be considered a problem.
This is truly a Behemoth of a Handheld

With the added bulk comes extra weight. It's not much heavier, but you can tell the difference. Maybe it was because I was just toying around with it on Release Day, but I do remember joking with myself  'Playing a game on this is like a Mini-workout!' Overall though, after the first few days, you're used to it, and everything else just feels lighter.

The Camera's are, more or less, the same as the Original's. Not great, not completely awful. Still fun to use & play AR Games with. Just like the original, the XL came packaged with some Built-in apps. All of the same Apps that came with the original are still there, and Nintendo Video and Swapnote even come loaded on the XL.

When it comes to this, Bigger is 100% Better
The Screens are 90% Larger, and Wow, are they fantastic! The touch Screen is even slightly bigger that the DSi XL's! The resolution of the Screens are the same as the Original 3DS, which caused people to worry that that fact would make it look pixelated. I can safely say that that's not the case, it doesn't look any more pixellated than the original does. However, Two 'Problems' do arise from the Screens being bigger. Because the Backlight  has to cover a bigger area, the Screens don't seem as bright. Also as a result of the Bigger screen, the Speakers aren't as loud, because they had to elongate them, and make them smaller.

As I linked above, late last year, I wrote an Article stating things that I'd like to see with the next 3DS. Forgive my self-indulgence as I quickly run through the Article:
  • Nintendo did go with a similar texture to that of the DSi, which means it doesn't collect fingerprints, and isn't as slippery as the Original 3DS. 
  • Start, Select, and Home are all actual buttons now. 
  • As I mentioned, the screens are bigger, and perhaps the greatest thing of all, they can't Scratch themselves, thanks to well placed bumpers.
  • The Circle Pad Pro hasn't been Built in to the hardware, but Nintendo has said they plan on making the Add-on for it.
  • The Power Button is still in the same place, but it doesn't stick out as much, which is good.
  • The Stylus is wisely relocated to the right side of the System, much like the DSLite & DSi. The Stylus is no longer a Telescoping Stylus, but it's back to one piece. It's also slightly thicker and slightly longer.
  • The Battery also lasts longer. The Original 3DS' Battery was said to last anywhere from 3-5 Hours. The 3DS Xl's Battery is said to last anywhere from 3.6-6.5 Hours, which doesn't sound like a whole lot more...However, it is noticeable. I'd also like to mention that if you don't live in North America, the XL doesn't come with a Charger, so...Unless you have a DSi, or you're upgrading from the 3DS (And keeping it) you have to buy one...But the one you buy comes with a Cradle, something that the North American 3DS XL's don't come with
  • The Hinge is much sturdier. They even added a new Hinge 'Setting.' (Which means you can have the Top Screen sit at an almost 90 Degree angle)
  • The Buttons are oh-so-slightly bigger, All of the lights are visible from the inside of the 3DS
Overall, I'd say it's definitley worth the Purchase. I'd even recommend anyone who has the original to Upgrade to it. The huge Screens are amazing, and because of them, I can't go back to the Original 3DS! It can't be done! I have no idea how I played for so long on those tiny screens!

Josh thinks the 3DS XL is...

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