Friday, June 22, 2012

3DS XL Breakdown

Wait, this thing is Real? And it's Coming sooner than you might think!

So, if you checked out Nintendo Direct Last night, you were probably greeted with a pretty big (Albeit inevitable) Surprise: the next 'iteration' of the 3DS, the 3DS XL. Some people were expecting a 3DS Lite to be the next iteration. but Nintendo already said they had the machine packed to the max, more or less saying that it wouldn't get smaller...So, they went Bigger!

So, I decided to look at this more and break it down a little bit...I'll even make some comparisons to my Last 3DS Article, Since it's a list of everything I want out of a new 3DS.

So, the really surprising thing about this is the announcement itself...Even though I thought it would eventually happen, I didn't think they would go the DS Lite route, and release it a year later (Yes, I know, it's more like a year and a half, but I would have expected it to release next year).

From what I can gather from the shown images, and information given, the XL has a Matte finish like the DSi; the Start, Select, and Home buttons are actual buttons; the Screens are bigger, but not the same size (Both glaringly obvious statements, but the Bumper Nubs will now rest on the raised part, that houses the Touch screen, so it at least appears it won't scratch itself); The Power Button is in the same place, yet appears to be protruding less that the originals; and the Battery is said to be slightly longer...Oh, and I just noticed this, they got rid of the Green light that tells you when something can be seen in 3D (I always thought that was a little unnecessary)

All of the things mentioned above I wanted to see happen, and they have...but what about the rest? What about what we can't see? For instance, the Hinge...Quite a few people have had problems with that, so I would assume they tightened it a little bit, but that's to be seen. The Stylus placement? That's to be seen as well, probably when they show off more pictures of it (Right now, we only have front shots).

One last thing that obviously isn't here is the inclusion of a Second Circle Pad, and by extension no L2 or R2 Buttons. Yep, that's right no built in Circle Pad Pro. It's not compatible with it (Obviously, the XL is monstrously huge, so it won't fit)...I still think it should be built in, but when it comes down to it, I don't mind not having a Second Circle Pad. For me, the Touch Screen is a good alternative, and while I'd prefer a Second Pad, you can kind of see that the Touch Screen was meant to be that Second Circle Pad. I didn't go out of my way to get the Circle Pad Pro, because I didn't find it necessary...I'm sure if I had gotten it, and used it, my story would probably be different, but I had  no desire to...Even after Playing the Kingdom Hearts Demo, Which controls wonderfully with one stick.

I feel no need for this attachment, and I know the Internet's already up in arms about the XL not having it. I agree that it should've had it, if only for the option to be there, but I think it would add more bulk to an already giant machine...They would have had to make it thicker to include the L2 & R2 Buttons, although the Stick would be above/under the ABXY buttons, saving the handheld from that awkward side-bulk...So, I can see why they didn't throw it in the Design, but it is still frustrating.

Overall, I think they fixed a good deal of the design flaws the original had (Switching the Texture, changing the Start, Select, and Home Buttons, having the Power Button not stick out as much [It wasn't a huge problem, but it's nice that they acknowledge that it could be], the Battery, the Bumper Nubs touching the Raised Part, so the Screens won't touch, and while not a flaw, bigger screens are really nice). The CPP isn't built in, and if they want to, they'll have to make another attachment, but if they do that, I think it won't be as bulky as the original Boat...

In the end, I think I'll pick this up. Most of the problems I had with the original have been addressed, and while there's no built in CPP, it's not a deal breaker for me...I know a lot of the internet won't agree with me, but hey, they can still buy the old one if they want the CPP Support.

The 3DS XL hits NA shelves on August 19th and will cost $200, and it will come in two Colors, Red or Blue...It comes out earlier in Japan (Obviously) and Europe, with a release date of July 28th

Update: Upon closer inspection of this trailer for the 3DS XL, it appears that the Stylus will be back on the right side of the 3DS XL, making it as convenient as the DS Lite and the DSi (You kind of have to look closely, as the Trailer's pretty dark) :

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