Friday, February 8, 2013

Nintendo Announces ZombiU Deluxe Bundle

If you're still getting your gaming news from us, shame on you. However, this just happened and I felt like sharing the news and my thoughts.

So, in case you've been hiding in a hole, which none of you have, the deluxe Wii U has always been the superior version, having substantially more than the standard Wii U for a well-spendable extra $50. So this Deluxe Bundle we have here is going for an extra, extra %30, making the total unit cost about $390. That said, your extra $30 is now going towards not only a copy of ZombiU, a game normally retailed at $60, but also a Wii U Pro Controller. Now, my article doesn't say if it still has the chargers for the controllers like the original Deluxe, so be wary of that. NintendoLand is also not packaged with the system, but available as a free download. Frankly, I think this is an even cooler decision since NintendoLand is a game that feels like a game they want a lot of play and return play out of.

Now, out of all the games we could get a bundle for, ZombiU is not on the top of my list. Heck, I'm in a chat with Matt as we type this and we agree that NSMB U or Scribblenauts would be preferable to us. We do acknowledge that Ninty probably wants to target the older, hardcore crowd with that, since the casuals and family gamers aren't giving any attention to ZombiU. Anyways, I think this bundle looks totally awesome and if you haven't gotten a Wii U yet, myself included, let this stand as the real reason you've been hesitant, because you knew that eventually there was going to be a bundle, and here it is, ready for you to buy on... February 17th?! So much for having an inside working in retail, that's practically here!

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